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  • What is Get-Ready-Go!com Really all about?

    It's really all about getting your feet wet, in a safe and fun way, learning to enjoy the outdoors. We don't try to conquer it, but we teach you how to regard it as your friend. Its a fantastic way to keep the budget intact and "get away." It’s great for kids, I know. A study showed that kids who spent time outdoors in nature just generally did better at everything. Its cheaper than a therapist, so why not give it a try yourself? An Exogeny Network™ site. http://get-ready-go.com
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    • Emergency preparation with common sense: Nearly a year ago, I wrote a book called “Being… goo.gl/fb/ld6zlR http://get-ready-go.com 1 day ago
    • Another great show tonight--this time about emergency preparation & sustainability with Brian from Southern Preppers http://get-ready-go.com 1 day ago
    • A weekday smile for all of the campers! fb.me/6UTC8GJxC http://get-ready-go.com 1 week ago
    • Hard core camp trailer suitable for the real backcountry fb.me/2NOKvUfo6 http://get-ready-go.com 2 weeks ago
    • Did you know that June is Great Outdoors Month? What are YOU planning to do in the Great Outdoors this month? http://get-ready-go.com 1 month ago

Middle-of-July Social Picnic

I’m attending a Meetup with Get Ready GO! http://meetu.ps/dhhvK

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